Building a Digital Stage for a Powerful Communicator

Building a Digital Stage for a Powerful Communicator

About the project

Katiuska Zavala’s Online Portfolio - A Unified Platform for a Multi-Talented Communicator and Voice Artist

Katiuska’s diverse talents as a communicator and voice-over artist were overshadowed by her scattered online presence, with work mixed among personal and event content on various social media platforms. This fragmentation hindered potential clients’ access to her portfolio. She needed a website that was not only elegant and minimalist but also fast and cost-effective to host, making a Jamstack-based solution ideal.

I designed Katiuska Zavala’s website to specifically highlight her voice-over work, setting it apart from her social media activities. This dedicated platform not only enhances her professional brand but also simplifies client engagement. By focusing solely on her voice-over talents, the website significantly improves lead generation and optimizes the overall client experience.

My Role

Research, Prototype, UX Design


Research Insights

Some platforms are silently broken

After exploring various voice-over websites targeting the Ecuadorian market, we encountered numerous challenges that significantly hindered our progress. Many of these platforms were plagued with technical issues; a substantial portion of them failed to deliver a smooth user experience, as they frequently encountered errors that prevented the playback of voice-over files.

This inconsistency in performance and the unreliability of file playback made it clear that we could not depend on these sites for our voice-over needs. The persistent technical difficulties underscored the need for a more reliable solution to avoid compromising the quality and efficiency of our projects.

Blured image of a website that cant play files Blured image of a site that cant play its own files

Some of the websites didn’t play their own files!

Deliver audio samples and social proof really fast

Throughout our competitive research, it became evident that the most effective voice-over actress websites share a common structure that significantly enhances user engagement and trust. A key observation was the strategic placement of audio samples: they are made readily accessible, loading swiftly and positioned at the bottom of the hero section. This design choice ensures that potential clients can immediately experience the quality and range of the voice-over talent.

Following the audio samples, these websites adeptly showcase social proof by listing the reputable companies the actresses have collaborated with. This arrangement not only validates the actresses’ professional credibility but also builds a compelling narrative of their expertise and success in the industry.

Listen to a sample in under 5 seconds


Contact Task Flow

Listen Task Flow

Website wireframe



Following the launch of our redesigned website, we have observed a significant increase in engagement, culminating in the successful acquisition of a decent number of leads. This outcome underscores the effectiveness of our website’s new design in capturing the interest of our target audience and converting that interest into tangible prospects for the business.

Katiuska’s website heatmap


Since launching the new website, Katiuska has experienced a notable increase in business opportunities, with a 35% rise in leads generated directly from the website. This significant growth can be attributed to the introduction of an additional communication channel, which has effectively broadened her business’s reach and enhanced its ability to connect with potential clients.


Users on desktop devices mostly scrolled to the middle of the page, with only 23.1% reaching the bottom. The average fold was below the hero section.

Users on mobile devices scrolled deeper than desktop users, with 44.4% reaching the bottom of the page. The average fold was above the logos section.

Additionally, there’s room to enhance the website’s design to streamline the process of accessing audio samples directly from the landing page or hero section. This improvement would allow visitors to quickly and easily listen to audio samples on the homepage, reducing the time it takes to engage with our content.

Katiuska’s website scroll map